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      Leadership & Character Development for Kids / Real Self Defense Skill for Adults


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Building Friendships and Values!!

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Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Using the Ving Tsun Museums curriculum.



We will starting the Wing Chun Kung Fu in Katy Texas

Sifu Brad Ryan has over 17 years experience and have learned from

many famous Wing Chun Masters. He is also the only Wing Chun Kung Fu

instructor in Texas that has been certified thru the Ving Tsun Museum

and Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong ( 1 of 44 worldwide)

He is the most experience in being exposed to several Wing Chun Lineages:


Yipman Wing Chun Kung Fu

Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu

Chi Sim Wing Chun Kung Fu

Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun Kung Fu (just started not certified yet)





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Welcome to Meng's Martial Arts of Katy Texas Website

Here at Meng's Martial Arts of Katy Texas we are eager to meet you and give you the best martial arts experience and education possible. Our organization has been around 23 years and have helped thousands of peple just like you become better human beings through using our proven martial art methods. We are located convenietly on Fry Rd in Katy, Texas. We have 2 training floors that are kept clean everyday and provide a fun friendly family environment. We strive for Black Belt Excellence outside the classroom as well as inside the classroom.

Family Programs for ages 4 on up


 - Fitness, Realistic Self Defense, Child Leadership Development and Fun!!

We have the martial arts education you'll looking for at Meng's Martial Arts of Katy. Our teaching methods are very well thought out and cater to your needs. Either for Fitness, self defense, competition  or having the kids just be involved with something fun while learning life skills. For our children starting out from ages 4-6 we have our exciting and fun Tiny Tigers program. For ages 7-12 our Youth Kung Fu / Karate program is full of positive rewards to help them create a solid self identity and confidence for the future to make the good and responsible decisions.

Our Adult Kung Fu program is known world wide and is directly affiliated and certified by the only martial arts museum and research institute in the United States. For those that want to compete in the martial arts our Combat Sports Club is for you. This includes MMA, full contact San Shou kickboxing, Kung Fu, Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments. For adults that want to loss weight, tone, have fun, feel more confident our MMA Conditioning / Fitness class will give you the results you want.


Monthly Action-Packed Fun Calendar of Events for our Kids


Meng's Martial Arts of Katy works hard but also believes in giving our kids a fun and rewarding environment with monthly events. Some of these fun events include; Academic Achievement Pizza Party, Bring a Buddy Goal Setting Board Breaking Night, Couples Fitness and Self Defense Night, Parents Night Out, Game Night which we have more than 20 games based on strength, endurance, teamwork, listening, coordination, and balance. Some of the names of the games include "Alligator Crossing", "Shark Attack", "Flip the Turtle" and "Tug of War". We also do live Kung Fu Theater and much more. We also host every month for the Katy and West Houston community the national known Kid Escape Anti-Abduction seminars or Anti-Bully seminars to keep our kids safe and our parents aware.



 Tiny Tigers / Martial Arts for ages 4- 6


Our Tiny Tigers programs are by far one of the best children's activities in the area. It's fun, yet educational. We love to work with the younger kids coming in and watching them improve and mature throughout the coarse. The Tiny Tigers program will give children the confidence and social skills they need to enter elementary school. They will also learn about basic goal setting, positive thinking, the importance of exercise and working and sharing with others all while have FUN!


Kung Fu for Kids (7-12)

This is an FUN educational program based on traditional Kung Fu values such as Focus, Respect, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, and Self-Discipline along with self defense. We have many FUN and exciting reward programs that help the kids have short term goals and learn what is means to work well with others and build friendships that sometimes last years. Martial arts is a method to develop all of these traits plus developing leadership skills. Meng's Martial Arts of Houston / Katy is a great foundation for your child in any future sports and educational interests along with character development.


 Adult and Teens Kung Fu Classes

This class is more of traditional martial art with traditional and modern day training methods. The class covers history, culture, philosophy, and dives deeper into concepts, princibles and mental wisdoms all while giving you a great workout along with realistic self defense addressing all 4 martial arts skill sets (kicking, striking, throwing,& submissions) This is not your "forms only" Kung Fu class. Our Kung Fu students have real application skill in all ranges of self defense.

  Kids Martial Arts / Youth Warrior and Scholor League / Adult & Teens Combat Sports Club 

For the kids this program will get you ready for local and state tournaments in Kung Fu, Karate and Jijitsu. For the Adults program this will get you ready for Full Contact Compitition in either Mixed Martial Arts Cage fighting or Chinese San Shou. Both these classes offers more details and learning martial combat sports strategies and tactics. The students interested in this course must be evaluated first if they have a background or go thru the 6 months in the MMA Fitness or the Kung Fu program a prerequisite.

 Call 281-492-0090 now to register for your free class.

or register online under Free Class.

Serving Katy,TX Cypress, TX, West Houston, Northwest Houston and Southwest Houston

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